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The Challenge

GardenFlix is a new company that required a brand new website to showcase their services. An outdoor cinema company providing a professional and engaging service required a website to showcase the business to new potential users.

The User

Being an idea sparked by the pandemic, GardenFlix prioritised focusing on parents as their target audience due to parents looking to think of a fun and alternative method for keeping their kids entertained whilst stuck at home continuously. The company also wanted to branch out to home owners and businesses for after the pandemic to help keep the business growing in the future.

Client Requests

GardenFlix wanted the ability to gather new leads from the website and be able to instant quote for this. The company wanted to be able to organise their calendar and bookings in one system to help ensure the business ran its operations smoothly.

The Outcome

The User

Being in the Events Industry, GardenFlix rely a lot on positive reviews and recommendations from existing customers. This is a great way in showcasing how good and reputable the business is and how people have found using its services. GardenFlix gain their reviews via their Facebook account which was something I integrated into the website. This provides a more encouraging way for people to want to choose the business as they read about existing experiences to feel more comfortable about using the company.

Showcasing photos of the service helps to provide a visual way of allowing customers to see what they will get when booking with GardenFlix.


Following the company’s brand guidelines, the use of blue (#015eab) and white (#ffffff) as the primary colours along with yellow (#f1c850) and green (#66b44c) as secondary helped to create a website that was more creative and had more of a fun vibe to relate to people having fun at home as well as attract children. The website uses blue and white as the base colours for the backgrounds and text whilst the secondary colours focus on being used as highlights for buttons and clickable features such as links. This creates clear differentiation for the user and distinguishes what a user can click on or not.

Client Request

Based on GardenFlix’s request 17 Hats was the best platform for gathering new leads and sending instant quotes to users straight from the website, The platform also allows the businesses to monitor and organise their bookings and helping to efficiently run the businesses operations each day.

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