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The Challenge

Perfect Planners is a business that wanted to create their first website to showcase their services in events planning and styling. The business was attracting customers on social media but wanted to expand further online through a website as more central hub for showcasing who they are. The need for an elegant and classy website was required to showcase unique event ideas for all occasions.

The User

The company specialised mainly in Weddings and Birthday Parties particularly for people from an Indian culture and aimed to showcase this on their website. They also wanted to branch out into corporate events and showcase they were able to plan for any kind of event.

The Outcome

The User

To showcase Perfect Planners to new and potential customer the website relies a lot on imagery to showcase different ideas and events that Perfect Planners has worked on. Customers want to see Perfect Planners ideas and past events to gain inspiration and see whether they like the businesses ideas. Having high-quality imagery that stands out is great for showcasing this. The use of gallery’s on the website for different event categories allows users to scroll through and look at multiple different event styles to find something which they may like and take inspiration from.

Having a face behind the business on the “Meet the Team” page helps put a face behind the business and showcases who is helping to style customers events and a sense of relatability and trust as the user will already feel as if they know the people behind the business.


Perfect Planners had also recently completed a new branding revamp which showcased them as an elegant and high-end/luxury events business. This needed to carry through to their website. Having a consistent brand helps to keep your company in your audiences mindset. The use of black and white always complements one another and combined with the colour gold to highlight key feature further adds a sense of luxury to help boost the websites design and aim of the business.

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