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The Challenge

The Bar People are a mobile bar service catering for a range of events with mobile and custom bars suitable for any occasion. With the company growing after 7 years in the industry, they wanted to enhance their website to look much more professional and provide a more detailed experience for engaging with clients.

The main aim is to enhance the branding and perception of the company to appeal with new clients and to present the company in a professional manner.

The User

The Bar People has quite a larger user base with 18+ people looking to celebrate birthdays, weddings and any types of event in between. From discussing with the client we focused on the important target audiences which we were able to narrow down to the following:

  • Corporate companies

  • Newly engaged couples planning their weddings

  • Venues that can host weddings and parties

These 3 main target audiences were the focus for the business due to this being the vision and growth of the company. The company tends to be function by working on corporate events during Monday-Thursday and then weddings and other events on the weekends due to the annual pattern of when people are working or not in the UK.

Client Requests

The Bar People were continuing to grow and more and more people enquiring each day. This caused the client to require a suitable way to provide users with a method to gain a quote based on their requirements without having to contact a member of staff from the company. This allowed the client to spend more time focusing on actual booked events and helped filter customers who were interested in the service for the price and those who didn’t want to use the service due to it being out of their budget.

The Outcome

The User

For The Bar People’s target audience I focused on creating a website that spoke visually. For the audience, many want to be able to see the service before they wish to proceed with booking. Have high quality imagery throughout the site and showcasing the businesses bars, staff and drinks allows customers to sample visually what the business can do for them at their events.

To attract corporate companies the site needed to be presented in a professional manor and the ability to showcase existing companies that have used The Bar People provides reassurance for new clients that the company is reputable and can be trusted in delivering a high quality service at their event.

In regards to weddings and venues, the ability to have separate pages for different occasions helps users feel reassured that The Bar People know what they are doing when it comes to each different type of event.

Furthermore, the inclusion of existing reviews from Google and Facebook, help showcase how well the company have been for existing clients. This helps build trust for potential new clients and will help the business stand out from competitors for being one of the best in the industry.


The Bar People have previously worked on the brand colours of white and black which has been based on the logo. I decided to add a pink tone to the website to run through as way to highlight certain elements such as buttons and to indicate when users are hovering on a clickable element. This helps make the user click onto different pages and retain them across the site making them more likely to want to use the businesses services.

Clients Requirements

To help with the clients requirements in providing instant quotes for new potential customers. I decided to research around a number of different apps/websites that would be suitable to integrate into the website. I discovered that 17Hats would be the best choice as it would help the business to operate completely from the website/app. Users can filter on the website different requirements and services in order to find what they need. They can then fill out a contact form which will send a quote based on the requirements straight to their email. 17Hats has also allowed for The Bar People to be notified when a new lead has requested a quote and if customers wish to proceed or change anything in regards to the quote, the business is able to so. Furthermore, the business can organise and check when they have confirmed bookings and customers can even book and pay for the service via the system. This has provided the best solution for the website and the business and have refined and improved the efficiency of how The Bar People operates.

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