Project Description


Alium Media

The Challenge

“Alter my brand but keep to my colour scheme”

Alium Media are a company that were previously trading under a different name. The company had previously had a brand identity and wanted to keep their colour scheme however wished for the overall logo design to be re-designed to suit the new name. Furthermore, with this new brand identity the company also required a business card design and email signature to go with the new brand identity.

Business Card Design - Vishal Mayo Designs
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Logo and Graphic Design - Woodford Green - Vishal Mayo Designs
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Amazing Features

Delivering a brand that will succeed

Light & Dark Versions

One of the main requests from Alium Media was to have both a light and dark mode which could allow the company to use either logo depending on the background of certain work that they were carrying out. Their more dominant options was the dark mode, however the option to have a light mode is very beneficial for certain design scenarios where a light background is used.

Professional & Clear

Having a clear layout to display your information helps potential clients to know the information they need to contact your business. Alium Media needed a clear layout that shows professionalism since the business relies on making contacts and interacting with people to gain customers. Business cards create a lasting impression and therefore need to look good in order to make sure that someone will remember the business.

HTML Email Signature Design - Essex - Vishal Mayo Designs
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Our services used to achieve the final project

  • Branding

  • Graphic Design

  • HTML Email Signatures

  • Business Card Design