Project Description


Funeral Focus

The Challenge

“Create a brand identity for the face of my business”

Funeral Focus are a new company who required a brand identity to be used as the face of the business. Furthermore, as many new companies, the business wanted to use the newly designed logo to be integrated into an email signature that will be on display at the bottom of every email the business sends. Another thing that Funeral Focus required were business cards to be designed which could be printed to be given out to potential clients.

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Amazing Features

Designed to be both elegant and professional

Elegant and Clear

The use of a tree is used to show an elegant representation of life and trees being used to represent the planting of a tree as a memorial of a loved one. The clear text is the highlight of the logo and is there to be the centre of attention to the user. The colour of blue can also be associated with the idea of heaven and faith which represents the idea of funerals.

Professional design

Every business needs to look professional to create an image that shows they can be trusted with helping their customers with a suitable service. Business cards are a lasting memory for a potential customer to remember the business. These business cards have a simplistic look but present the necessary information in an easy format for a user to read.

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Our services used to achieve the final project

  • Branding

  • Graphic Design

  • HTML Email Signatures

  • Business Card Designing