Project Description




The Challenge

“A more user-friendly website”

Sanigone is a new company which launched during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. The company has a website built, however, this struggled in not providing a free-flowing user experience during the e-commerce checkout stages of the site. The decision was made to build a brand new website that was improved in visual content and layout along with improving the general user-experience.

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Amazing Features

Creating a more engaging experience to attract new and existing customers

Stunning E-commerce

With Sanigone selling their products at trade and retail prices, their main concern is to ensure users are directed to the correct product and pricing structure. With a secure account section, trade users can login and Sanigone can authenticate their access depending on if they qualify for purchasing at a trade discount. Furthermore, the whole e-commerce experience is much more free-flowing allowing users to navigate from viewing products straight to checkout with much more simplicity.

Simplistic but engaging features

Whilst Sanigone loved their first website, I wanted to incorporate my own designs and features to improve the site in a more engaging and interactive style. Having more “scrolling” and “clicking” features for users to play and explore with will help to retain the customer on the website for a longer period of time, with the potential aim of them purchasing Sanigone products.

What our client had to say

“Vishal is totally professional. He listens to your brief and delivers a website beyond your expectations. He was fast, efficient and a dream to work with”

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Our services used to achieve the final project

  • Website Designing

  • Website Building

  • User Experience (UX) Consultancy

  • Professional Photography & Videography

  • Hosting