Project Description




The Challenge

“A more user-friendly website”

Sanigone is a new company which launched during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. The company has a website built, however, this struggled in not providing a free-flowing user experience during the e-commerce checkout stages of the site. The decision was made to build a brand new website that was improved in visual content and layout along with improving the general user-experience.

Sanigone also wanted helping with designing the packaging for their new range of dog products to be in-keeping with the brand and stand out to their target audience.

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Engaging Website

Creating a more engaging experience to attract new and existing customers

Stunning E-commerce

With Sanigone selling their products at trade and retail prices, their main concern is to ensure users are directed to the correct product and pricing structure. With a secure account section, trade users can login and Sanigone can authenticate their access depending on if they qualify for purchasing at a trade discount. Furthermore, the whole e-commerce experience is much more free-flowing allowing users to navigate from viewing products straight to checkout with much more simplicity.

Simplistic but engaging features

Whilst Sanigone loved their first website, I wanted to incorporate my own designs and features to improve the site in a more engaging and interactive style. Having more “scrolling” and “clicking” features for users to play and explore with will help to retain the customer on the website for a longer period of time, with the potential aim of them purchasing Sanigone products.

Attractive Packaging

Designing to promote a brand as well as attract customers

Promoting the Product

When designing the packaging of a product, every user will want to know one thing about it…What does it do?

This is something that we always focus on when designing to ensure users understand and know instantly what the product is that they are observing. Furthermore, it is important to have the product remain in-keeping with the brands design guidelines to follow a consistent typography and colour scheme, helping to showcase a link between the companies different products.

What our client had to say

“Vishal is totally professional. He listens to your brief and delivers a website beyond your expectations. He was fast, efficient and a dream to work with”

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Our services used to achieve the final project

  • Website Designing

  • Website Building

  • User Experience (UX) Consultancy

  • Professional Photography & Videography

  • Packaging Design

  • Branding

  • Hosting